Thank you for visiting, our website is one the fastest and easiest ways to search for homes in the entire Triangle area. 

My name is Cal Bennett, and I am the founder of Bennett Wells Realty.  I want you to know that we are here to help whether you just have questions about the area or are ready to start seeing homes.  We have been assisting buyers in the Triangle area for over a decade.  We know the area well and we also know all about moving.  Before finally settling in the Triangle in 1997, I moved my family across the country 9 times (including a move to and from Hawaii), so I understand the stress and concerns that the buying process brings.   We are here to help you with area information or any questions you may have, and we promise that you will never feel any pressure from us about buying a home.

No Buyer Fees:

Also, it is important to know there is no fee to you, as the buyer, in employing us as your Buyer's Agent.  Unlike some other agencies, our firm does not charge our clients any of what I call "hidden" fees (often termed transaction or admin fees).  Therefore, because in this area the real-estate commission fees are paid by the seller, it does not cost you a penny to employ us to make sure you have an experienced advocate on your side of the closing table. This includes new construction homes.  By not using a Buyer's Agent, all commissions simply go to the sellers agent, normally with no savings to you as the buyer.   So, if you are seriously considering purchasing property in this area and are not currently represented by another agent, we would be honored to provide you with all the benefits a Buyer's Agent brings to real estate transactions. 

My Personal Promise to our Buyer Clients:

I am pleased to provide you with a full range of information to allow you to make the best buying decisions possible in the Triangle area.  My philosophy on assisting buyers in the process of purchasing a home is to act as a trusted consultant.  I will never try to "sell" you a home.  I promise to always listen, understand, and then advise.  As a Buyer's Agent, my services are provided to you free of charge since the home seller pays the commissions.  Our team truly understands the excitement and stress of any move, whether across the country or around the block.  We are here to assure that you obtain the best home, for the best price, with as little stress as possible!